Thursday, August 5, 2010


Hi everyone! Sorry have been MIA, was on my vaca to SD. Just got home today! Had a nice visit:) Not so happy to be in this heat,but hey, what can you do? :) I am now paying bills BORING! Then hmmm not dress-up??:) XOXO


  1. Julia, how do you plan to become famous and have a career outside the adult xxx world? There are very few examples of women doing that successfully. Traci Lords is just about the only one who comes to mind, and she's a minor actress at best. The whole religious right will have none of you because of your past (and your tattoos). You are simply untouchable to our mainstream media and entertainment industry.

    You were an amazing porn star. Not only super-hot, but you showed so much enjoyment on camera. Your fans really noticed that, and that's why we love you. I really think you should/need to stay in the adult industry (or something related, like the tattoo industry, alt-rock, etc), something pretty far outside the mainstream.

    I don't want to come off as a hater. I really like your xxx work. You must have had a lot of plastic surgery on your face since you quit porn. WHY????? I wish you could undo it. Please do not get any more (for your own sake). You had a beautiful face, but now it is very obvious you've been under the knife and your face has lost many of its unique features.

    A long-time fan.

  2. LMFAO, under the knife,,um no sorry silly goose. BUT it may be that I have matured in the last 4 years. As far as my plans to become mainstream,it will happen. I plan on working on music. I also plan n doing more modeling. It is people like you who I will be smiling for the most when I make it to whatever success level I want to reach. I will be sure to give you a shout out..whats your name?? I am not too concerned with religious rights.. and tattoos are not as frowned upon like in your day old timer. Also, did you not know, I am God.

  3. Aw julia! You should've visited me lol I live in san diego! Haha. Good luck in everything you do I'm sure you will accomplish every goal you have set for yourself!I hope the music thing works out I'm so excited! Can't wait! I love the youtube videos by the way they are very entertaining :) keep up the good work julia! <3

  4. Thank You,that means a lot to me!

  5. Hi Julia. It's me again (1st comment). I'm not the only one who thinks you've had cosmetic surgery on your face. But if you say no, I guess I'll believe you. What about botox?

    I'm not an old timer (32) but I know a thing or two about business and am pretty good at predicting success vs. failure. Have you thought about doing a sex call-in show over the internet, or a podcast. Have you every read Dan Savage's column or listened to his podcast? You could have the "sex advice from a former pornstar" angle, and could gain exposure that way. Dan's podcast is free and is supported by, mostly, via ads.

    I definitely wish you success; don't want to be one of the haters you shout out to. I was just following your call for respectful honesty to give my advice (without the expectation that you'll follow it). Thanx for replying and not deleting my 1st post ('nuff respect).


  6. Thanks for the advice. of course I wouldn't delete it, people need to see all and everyones opinions about me,It isn't all great.

  7. Oh and P.S no, no Botox either. Guess I have good genetics lmfao. I could only imagine how BIG time real celebrities feel,always false rumors. Guess it comes with it all.

  8. In a way its sad, that people think that youve had work done to your face and body.
    Thoughs people once were young, and have bin growing up just like everyone else in this world but they dont even consider that your human like everyone else, that you grow and mature just as anyother person would, they expect you to stay the same way forever, how boring is that..
    Julia, your gorgous hun, your extreamly talented.. your versatile. You can do anything in this world that you big heart desires.
    And I personally want to thank you for taking time out of your life to reach out to your fans and talk to them, it really shows that you have a big heart, your down to earth and that you care.
    I hope eventually in the future I can meet you in person, but until then ill be following along on your youtube,facebook and your blog.

    Much Love From Canada,