Sunday, August 8, 2010


Hello! How is everyone doing??!! I am playing Barbie and smiling:) and baking cookies! YUMMMMMM. Here is a little picture! GOODNIGHT ALL! XOXO


  1. That's more like it, Julia - thanks for the larger photo! I respect your desire to put your xxx days behind you and not talk about them, but I think it will be counterproductive to your future success. It seems that you are still figuring out who you are and what you want to be. My view: take away your xxx past, and you are just another pretty girl (one with lots of tattoos, but there are more and more of them these days too). It is your pornstar past that gets you your fans and keeps them coming back. Don't believe me - survey your blog, MySpace, and Youtube followers and ask them why they like you.

    Jenna Jameson wrote a book - How to Make Love Like a Pornstar (I assume you read it). She's done making movies, but is still in the industry doing production, if I recall correctly. She has a chance at success....but only because....wait for it.....SHE USED TO BE A PORNSTAR (and isn't shy about talking about it).

    Trying to "start fresh" at this fame/stardom thing is admirable, but you are squandering your main asset - the one thing that draws people to you (like it or not) - your sex appeal and porn experience. I think I speak for most of your fans when I say that we wish you would OWN IT, BABY! That means talk about it, write about it, make video clips about it, give advice, etc. I'm your fan because I love your adult videos, you're the only xxx star I know with whom I can communicate on her blog, and I want to see you succeed in your next phase. Take away your xxx history, and I'd be happier talking to a local stripper in person. Do you see what I'm getting at?

  2. LOL I am not saying I will never speak on XXX related stuff. Just not answering questions on who is my Favorite to work with etc. I will never just be another pretty girl with tats,for that fact. I am Julia Bond. I have said over and over I realize the industry is how I started and I have an adult fan base, that is not forgotten. No, need fr a survey either, yes I have admirers for the past career,but am gaining a fan base now for the " new Me" the real me. So, therefore I will be making a statement. I appreciate the concern, but I am strong and confident in saying that I do not need to talk about fucking all the time in order to move forward. Oh and P.S I am not shy. People have their own opinions. I am not Jenna Jameson and I am not any other Pornstar either. I also do give advice all the time. I have not forgot the fact I am a Pornstar. So,no I do not see where your'e getting at. LOL. Have a good one!

  3. Also, You must be right, the industry is why they like me, that is why 9 out of 10 questions they ask me on my other blog is not adult related. I wonder why my Youtube has over 2 million views and over 7 thousand subscribers and I have never once did a video about how I absolutely LOVED and adored the industry . They love me. Difference between myself and other Porn stars, I do not have to talk about it all the time. I am special lol. I stand out. For being me. I am not desperate for the attention and I know I am worth more and am making sure the world knows that. Jenna Jameson= no personality and anyone will tell you she is a stuck up bitch. No one in the industry has a personality like me. That industry helped me get in the door. Those girls are choosing to remain adult related cause they choose to, because other than that anything is possible and anyone can do anything. It is sad people like you make some people feel that way. So with that said, I am the total package. I will make it and I will more than just a sex icon as I am already in the path to being so much more.

  4. That's a pretty ass hole thing to say under the guise of trying to be helpful and articulate, Rocinante. I'm not sure whether you were going for the whole pretentious douche bag image with your post; but, you nailed it. You are asserting that those of us that still keep up communications through Twitter/YouTube/blogs, etc. with Julia are doing so only because of her past as an adult film actress; yet, you are only truly speaking for yourself. You have no basis for your statements other than whatever is going in in your own head.

    I'll give you that the original reason I started following her when I found her twitter last May or so was because of the fact that she had been my favorite actress; but, to claim that is the reason I continue to follow her is asinine. My personal reasons are simply because once I got to speak with her via the internet, got tattooed by Ames, and developed a cordial relationship via electronic content, I found that there is much more to her than simply being someone who I used to watch to get myself off. I choose to show support because she has been nothing but personable, entertaining, and fun. If you think she has no merits outside of the adult industry, then fine, good day to you. You have no need to come around places like here. If you're going to act like a small-minded idiot you probably aren't going to get the reactions you're looking for (unless you're trying to start something) in the first place, so I balk at trying to figure out why it was you felt the need to make your post in the first place.

    Not that it's particularly relevant, but I haven't watched any of her previous work since I've gotten to know her. She's put it in the past, it's just as easy for me to do. There's no shortage of porn girls willing to take it the way I want to see it for smack-my-willy time, so why be stuck on someone who I have come to respect as a human being that wants to leave their part in it in the past?

    This is getting kind of long so I'll get to the point:

    You have no idea what you are talking about for anyone other than yourself; and, you are an ass. Piss off.

  5. I also just noticed you've been making the same point on *other* posts on this blog. You've said it once, you don't need to keep saying it. What are you trying to prove?

  6. Ok, he totally contradicted himself in here. First, he says to forget your past then he says to embrace it..which is it? You can't forget your past. It's a part of what makes you who you are. Everyone learns from their past and it makes them a stronger person. You can't just throw it away..stupid. You have been out of the adult industry for a few years now and if he knew that then he would also no that your fan base is still growing because of who you are TODAY. If your going to bring up old shit then at least do your research and get your facts straight. And if he REALLY wanted to he could have dug a little deeper and found that you're wanting to start a charity. Now that, to me, doesn't sound like something a porn star that loves to talk about fucking everyday of her life would do. She absolutely does not HAVE to talk about her past career to get ahead. That's the whole point of growing up and growing out as a person. She doesn't have to put every little detail of her life on blast just so everyone in the world can benefit from it. She doesn't have to write a book about her past career to get ahead either. Why can't she get ahead by doing what she's doing? Does that please you? You're entitled to your opinion, everyone is. But keep it as an opinion and don't say stuff like "you should/have to do that this way because of that." She's not here to please you, or any of us for that matter. Julia is here to do Julia. Her wanting to keep in touch with her fans and give advise and try to help others says she's more of a real person and has more in her and she doesn't care about just getting ahead. She takes time to talk to people. I have met this WOMAN and that is exactly what she is. I strong woman. Nowhere NEAR a shy little girl. Oh, and about the tats, it's not JUST a fashion's called symbolic body art, and just because she has a lot of them doesn't make her any less of a person or means that people shouldn't look up to her. How about instead of ragging on her for what she's done in her past we praise her and look up to her for how far she's come and what she's doing now. Thanks.

  7. I don't know whether JB elected to remove your long-winded say-the-same-thing over again post that was a follow-up to mine, nor do I know if you'll be checking here again, Rocin; but, I wanted to make a point in response to something that you said. You (again) tried to make a point that Julia does not have any appeal that can make money or be turned into a product; and, that my support has not helped in any way monetarily. I bought two of her shirts when they were available last Summer. One for myself, one for my girlfriend. I still wear mine pretty regularly too. Since you're so business-oriented you'll understand that merchandise serves two purposes: one being initial financial gain, the second being advertising. When she does release something else to be purchased, I will inevitably buy it. In the mean time, I am here to support someone that I consider to be as close to a friend as one can be via social media. It meant the world to me when people I knew supported my band for the 10 years we were playing; and, I'm going to do the same thing for other people I know while they try to get themselves out into the world.

  8. Hey Julia,

    i really like your tattos. I love that Style. How much do you have? I'm just thinking about to get one.